Disscussion protocol: Gideon and Lochley

from "Ruling from the Tomb"

Gideon is walking over to Lochley just after she had finished her quarrel with Lt. Carr about the security details.
Gideon:I hate to interrupt ...
Lochley:Then don't.
Gideon:It's hard to believe it was named after the god of war.
Lochley:Can I help you?
Gideon:I'm supposed to report to you upon arrival.
Lochley:Captain Matthew Gideon, of course. I am Captain Elizabeth Lochley, in charge of the conference normally stationed on B5.
Gideon:Yes, I know.
Lochley:Sorry about copping an attitude before. I guess I have been barking a little today.
Gideon:It's okay. I came down here to do a little woofing on my own. I got Dr. Sarah Chambers upon the Excalibur preparing her keynote speech. I wanna know that security is airtight. It doesn't help anyone to get caught up in territorial squabbles, with all due respect.
Lochley:Are you done?
Gideon:Not quite. Look I hope something good comes out of this conference, same as you, but meanwhile this little exercise mainly puts a collection of easy targets all in one place for any nut with an agenda. Now, I'd rather be out searching for a cure than talking about one, but instead, we're here, as ordered.
Lochley:And I don't think I don't appreciate it, but let's get something straight. Although admittedly you came in at a bad moment I've no interest in territorial squabbling. I want the same thing you do and I don't think its asking too much for you to have a little faith, I assure you, I've got everything covered.
Gideon:Is that a conclusion or a fact?
Lochley:That is a fact. I promise you, Dr. Chambers and all the other representatives will be perfectly safe.
Gideon and Lochley have a talk at the end of the first convention day.
Lochley:Well, all in all, I think it went pretty well. Once we managed to pry all the representatives of the ceiling because of your little speech.
Gideon:He was far away from me I didn't want cops trying to push their way through the crowd at him. It was too chancy, too much time for him to react. So I said what he wanted to hear, he left and lead us right back to their little stash of explosives. I can't believe all that was hidden away by Mars rebels.
Lochley:Yeah. And Lt. Carr says there's probably a lot more they haven't even found yet. I knew this was powder keg. Good Lord.
Gideon:So? In the end, it all worked out.
Lochley:Could have worked out better. And sooner, if you'd let me talk to Miller when I wanted to.
Gideon:But at that time, Trace hadn't been attacked, and he wasn't ...
Never mind you're probably right.
Lochley:Finally, progress. Speaking of Trace, how's he doing?
Gideon:He's in the mend. But it's a shame what he was put through, though, about Henderson.
Lochley:Yeah, and Henderson wasn't even meant to be coming here. He was a last-minute addition. See, Sabot, came in with stolen ID and papers so he and his men couldn't risk Henderson recognising him.
Gideon:Wrong place at the wrong time.
Lochley:So you plan on swinging through my neck of space any time in the near future? I mean, once I get back to BT.
Gideon:Is that an invitation?
Lochley:It's free space. You can come and go as you please.
Gideon:So it's not an invitation?
Lochley:It's whatever you want it to be.
Gideon:Captain, you are the most double-talking, suspicious, second-guessing individual I have ever seen since the last time I looked in a mirror.
Lochley:Well then I guess that's why we make such a good team.
Gideon:Tell you what. God willing, we find a cure in no time flat the first thing that we do after that, we park at B5 for a week.
Lochley:God willing? You know with all this religious zeal being spouted here, you haven't weighed in on that. Do you believe that there is a supreme being?
Gideon:Aside from John Sheridan?
Lochley:Yes, aside from the best, bravest, sexiest man in the galaxy. Apart from him, do you believe in god?
Gideon:Captain, I have five years to cure the Drakh plague. Do I believe in god? I'll get back to you on that in five years and one day.
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